About Advanced Builders & Contractors British Columbia

General Contractors serving Campbell River and North Island, BC.

Residential & Commercial Construction Services

Advanced Builders & Contractors

We are a diversified Construction and General Contracting Company providing complete build, renovation, or restoration services across Campbell River and North Island, British Columbia. Our residential & commercial construction services include pre-construction planning, contract administration, quality control, and more. From start to finish, we ensure the timely, cost-effective execution of your residential, commercial, or historical construction project.

We work with teams of individuals who have proven their worth in their respective industries. When working on a project, we are one unit working in perfect sync and harmony to design, and build projects and service Campbell River and North Island. For us, projects mean much more than just concrete and steel, they are about people and the power of collaboration with our employees, our communities, and our clients.

We believe in building a relationship of trust with the people we do business with. We engage with our partners with honesty, by giving back, by emphasizing safety, and by looking for intelligent, more sustainable ways of doing what we do.

At Advanced Builders & Contractors, we turn your vision into a masterpiece. Our team of innovative professionals is fully insured and sets the bar for quality workmanship.